A        M      E     R     I     C     A

Amid the 1920’s chaos raises an alliance of idealistic gangster.


Five well-suited, notorious, criminal gangsters were responsible for orchestrating and revolutionising the American underworld. These criminal geniuses came to America with their own account of the American dream.

The Cosa Nostra (Mafia) unlike any other criminal organisation during that time, and most likely the only penal institution knew the value of strict law and order, as controversial as it sounds. Lucky Luciano formed the New York five families in 1931 recognised as the commission:

1.Salvatore Maranzano | 2. Joe Profaci |3.Vincent Mangano | 4.Lucky Luciano |5. Tommy Gagliano.

But just how influential were these men in gaining total power, all the while deceiving cops?

Luciano had formed an underworld government, whereby he governed everything from racketeering to prostitution. Any disputes within the mafia were heard and trialled in front of the commission, and just like real court, the guilty was allowed to plead his case. A further extent of Luciano’s “brilliance’” was the group of assassins he formed, acknowledged as ‘Murder Inc’ the CIA of the mafia. A group of ruthless Jewish killer’s who conveyed contracted hits on behalf of the mafia. The brilliance of it was, by the constitution of the mob, members could only be 100% Sicilian, Italian. Which is why the police could not trace the hit men back to the mafia.

These men were completely immoral, completely brutal, and completely criminal but completely brilliant.The grip the mafia had in America has always been surreptitious, there is none that had the same ‘institutional tentacles’ of the Mafia. What you’ll find out is how beneficial they became to the American government and America.

1942, America strapped up for World War Two after the violent attack on Pearl Harbor. The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence was deeply concerned about foreign agents infiltrating the country through its ports. At the time the American Naval force wasn’t what it is today, and guess who ran the waterfront and docks? The Mob. They controlled 200 of New York City’s ports. Along with Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky, the Navy began negotiating with ‘Lucky’ Luciano. Yes, you’re thinking but these men were criminal, but they’re still patriotic citizens.

It was a silent, ‘quid pro quo’ deal between The Navy, the State of New York and Luciano. Lucky at the time was serving a 30 to 50 years sentence for prostitution, in exchange for the American Mafia protecting the American shipyard, (by placing a system in play to know what goes in and what goes out. Luciano even paid for heavily armed men to guard the docks.) his sentence would be commuted.

Although there’s little evidence supporting the success of the arrangement, it was enough to get Luciano released from prison in 1946 and deported to Italy. Nevertheless, the Mafia’s contributions continue. Luciano facilitated in the invasion of Sicily otherwise known as Operation Husky, in 1943 and the investment in Las Vegas. The future of the gambling capital as we know it.

‘The U.S. government denied its collaboration with the Mafia for decades, and not just about the Second World War. In 2007, to cite just one example, the CIA released documents that revealed the agency’s collaboration with the Cosa Nostra in a failed 1960 attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.’

Part one.

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